Monday, 21 November 2011

Paris Confidential - Part 1

Jardins du Palais Royal

After a wonderful visit to Paris last week, I though it only fair to share some of my finds with you.

We stayed at the Relais Madeleine, a lovely little hotel in the 9th arrondisement just round the corner from the Place Madeleine . Friendly staff, charming decor and that Parisian essential - the compact bathroom.

This area is chock-full  of shops, large stores such as Fauchon , Hediard and Ralph Lauren on the Place Madeleine, and  some interesting little shops in the back streets.  One of my favourites was Scarlett, 29 Rue Godot de Mauroy (the same street as our hotel) - it sold watch straps - but not any old straps - their straps come in all sorts of beautiful leathers, colours and styles and can made to order to fit any watch.

Also in this area you will find the private museum Pinacotheque, this museum challenges the normal way of hanging art according to the period or the style of work - instead it relies on the dialogue between works of art .  It also hosts exhibitions of  interesting private collections that might otherwise never see the light of day.

Back to shopping and moving to the area near  the Louvre, the galleries around the Jardins du Palais Royal house  an eclectic mix of jewellery, clothes and art as well as military memorabilia - it's also the place where mothers/nannies come after school with their young children/charges  to let them run around and let off steam.   I really loved the scarves in Epice, 27-28 Galerie Montpensier, Bess Nielsen a Danish designer works with Indian craftsmen to create  these beautiful scarves.  Floral, stripes, dots, you name it - available in London  from  Liberty and Fenwicks.

Pellini Jewellery

Nearby, the jewellery on display in Pellini is an eye-catching combination of glass and synthetic resin pieces.  Designed by Donatella Pellini the granddaughter of the famous costume jewellery designer Emma Pellini, this family-run business is based in Milan and creates truly stunning pieces.
Pellini, 30 Galerie Montpensier, Jardins du Palais Royal.

La Vitrine (shop window)  - Astier de Villatte

Did you know that the French for window shopping is 'leche-vitrine', which literally translates as window-licking - something that's very easy to do in Paris.

Do you have any favourite haunts or tucked away gems that you love in  Paris? Share them by leaving a comment.

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A bientôt, Rebecca.

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  1. Just noticed today that Fenwicks have a small selection of Pellini jewellery.